First UU Youth Group

Spirit Seekers

Spirit Seekers are taking the summer off. Meet-ups will start back in September 2016.

Spirit Seeker (biweekly) Teen Meet-upsTeen meet ups will explore issues of theology and ethics for Unitarian Universalists through pop culture movies using the UU curriculum Popcorn Theology. They also plan and engage in social justice projects that are important to their group.

* To participate in First UU Youth Group activities; a Youth Group Permission Slip must be completed and signed (give slip to DRE, Penny Vick).  Click here for slip.

Coming of Age Program: Coming in the Fall 2016

The UUA Coming of Age Program is for Youth (6th-12th grade). The Coming of Age program will be a rite of passage that recognizes the transition out of childhood. We appreciate that while our youth are not yet adults, they have reached the stage of development where they are thinking and reasoning for themselves, and our part is to facilitate their emerging religious identity within a Unitarian Universalist framework.

Youth will pair with adult mentors from the congregation.  Together they will learn more about Unitarian Universalist history and heritage and clarify their own beliefs while hearing those of others.  Service projects, developing credo statements, leading a Sunday service and a heritage trip to Boston will all a part of the program. More details will be coming soon.