An Overview

Sunday Morning Worship at First UU begins at 10:30 a.m.

Children, youth and adults gather together for the beginning of our service.

Nursery age children (3 and under) are invited to go directly to the nursery.  Our nursery is located at the end of the RE wing, on  right just before the exit door.

After lighting our chalice flame, a Story for All Ages, and offering each other a sign of peace our young children go to their religious education classrooms.  As they exit we sing our Children’s Blessing, taped to the back cover of our gray, hardbound hymnal.

Teens and young adults are welcome join us for the entire worship service.

Our dress is casual.  Our content deep and meaningful.
Our singing vibrates with enthusiasm and praise.

Our worship services last for one hour.

After our worship service, we continue to spend time together in our all-purpose sanctuary.  Refreshments are served.  Conversation is lively.  A circle of chairs is set for those who wish to share Joys & Sorrows more deeply.

In June 2016, the Membership Committee, recognizing the many details involved in creating our Sunday morning experience, created HOSPITALITY TEAMS.  Teams of individuals, families and children work together to provide refreshments, set up for social hour, and close-up the building when we’re done.  If your team is not on duty on any given Sunday, you can relax and enjoy the experience without worrying about helping

If you begin attending our church on a regular basis, you will be called by a member of the Membership Committee and invited to join a hospitality team.  We hope this process will be a way for long-time members and visitors to connect.

One of our on-going fund raising projects is selling Martin’s and Giant Eagle grocery cards. Cards are sold during social hour or through the office when open during the week.  Your $100 gift card allows you to spend $100 – on food, gas, prescriptions.  The church makes 5% ($5) on every $100 card.

Please join us.