History Timeline

1958 – Organizational meetings to form a Unitarian Fellowship in Indiana held at the home of Allan and Priscilla Mewha. Ongoing guidance provided by Dr. Irving R. Murray, First Unitarian Church, Pittsburgh.

1958 – Nov. 5, The Unitarian Fellowship of Indiana County established. Bi-weekly sessions were held during the academic year with guest ministers and local leaders. Priscilla Mewha was the first DRE. Meetings held in various locations including Beth Israel Synagogue, the American Legion, The Odd Fellows Building, and the Youth Recreation Center on Philadelphia Street.

1961 – American Unitarian Association and the American Universalist Convocation merge to form the Unitarian Universalist Association.

1962 – Rev. Philip Silk, associate minister First Unitarian Church in Pittsburgh agrees to lead services the first Sunday of every month and provide ongoing guidance.

1963 – Adopted Nigerian Village Project with Dr. Norah Zink raising support money.

1964 – Name changed to The Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship.

1965 – Local Civil Rights leaders march in memory of UU minister James Reeb murdered in Selma, AL. Steve Cord and Esko Newhill initiate actions to integrate Mack Park Pool. The Human Relations Committee is formed.

1971 – Rev. Jesse Caviller from the Allegheny Church, Pittsburgh, agrees to lead services and provide guidance.

1974 – Rev. Chancy Rawleigh, IUP Sociology, contracted as Minister of Record.

1980 – Receive inheritance from Mrs. Glen Harkum Miller.

1988 – Name changed to First Unitarian Universalist Church of Indiana, PA. Board of Trustees formed. Renewed search for building and expanded ministry.

1990 – Covenant church with Habitat for Humanity.

1991 – Dedication of property, May 19, Rev. Carol Brody, District Executive presides.

1991-1998 – Partnership Church Program with Romanian Sister Church.

1992 – Building Capital Campaign Kickoff, October 30.

1994 – First service in building, Easter. Dedication of sanctuary in June.

1995 – Building Dedication, February 19, UUA President, Rev. John Buehrens delivered the sermon.

1996 – Rev. Steve Furrer becomes Consulting Minister.

1999 – Rev. Kirk Loadman-Copeland becomes Consulting Minister providing supervision for Ministerial Intern, Joan Sabatino. Elizabeth Amanecer becomes Commissioned Lay Leader.

2000 – Rev. Priscilla Richter becomes first called minister (serving half-time). Installation, August 26, 2001.

2003 – Rev. Joan Sabatino returns to serve as half-time minister.

2006 – Completion of Welcoming Congregation Program. Rev. Keith Kron delivered the sermon on April 28 and presented the congregation with our Welcoming Congregation Certificate.

2007 – May 7, Rev. Joan M. Sabatino Ordained and Installed as second called minister.

2009 – Building Mortgage completed. Rev. Joan Van Becelaere delivered the sermon on January 25 and led the mortgage burning ceremony.

2009 – John Grauer dies and bequeaths to the congregation a majority of his estate.

2010 – Begin three-year initiative to grow the congregation.  John L. Grauer Endowment created.

2011 – Cremains of founding members Allan and Priscilla Mewha are returned to the church grounds for internment in our Memorial Garden.