Endowment Opportunities

The John Grauer Endowment Fund
In November 2009, long-time member of First UU John Grauer died.  John loved music, and animals, and was a passionate vegetarian.  He left the majority of his estate to First UU.  Blessed with this enormous gift, the congregation created the John Grauer Endowment.  To view the complete Endowment Resolution, please click here.

As stated in the Endowment Resolution, each year 5% of the Endowment is Distributed among recognized proposals.  The next proposal deadline is Oct 15, 2013.  Click here to download the Endowment Annual Distribution Proposal Form.

We have also developed two ways to support the Endowment.

A Legacy Gift Program for substantial gifts to the Endowment.  Click Legacy brochure outside and here Legacy brochure inside  to see our Legacy Program Brochure.

A Simple Gifts Program for gifts to the Endowment when you have a friend or loved one who just doesn’t need one more thing.  In lieu of a gift, a donation to the First UU Endowment.  Click here Simple Gifts brochure outside and here Simple Gifts brochure inside to see the entire Simple Gifts Program Brochure.

Click here to print a Simple Gifts Donation Form

We are always grateful for your generosity to our congregation.