Ground Breaking Prayer

On Sunday, April 2 we broke ground on our building expansion project.  We’ll be under construction the next four to five months.  Check this blog for post throughout the construction.  Here is the prayer I wrote for Sunday’s ground breaking celebration

Let us enter into a moment of prayer and thanksgiving:
Spirit of Life and Love, God of many names, Divine Mystery of All
Be with us on this special occasion.

We give thanks today for all the blessings of our lives.

We give thanks for this sacred ground, consecrated by the ashes of our loved ones, held in Spirits loving embrace

This ground, on which we stand, with its slopes and valley, its drainage problems and foliage, this muddy, spring-pregnant ground on which we stand and on which we will build our future enhanced home, is among the most valued foundation of our community.

We give thanks today for those gathered, for our friends and supporters and we ask for good days and deep blessings for each of us.

Always held in the embrace of creative love, we ask today for courage, compassion, and cooperation among us as we continue in the next phase of this building expansion project.

We come to this day, after many days of planning, discussing, agreeing and disagreeing, compromising, investigating, researching, and finally deciding – and we know that these days are not over yet. In reality it will likely get even more complicated.  Bless us and fill us with compassionate love as we move forward.

We give thanks for those who have done this work and for the help from professionals we have been blessed with through this initial phase of our project. May we continue this collaborative effort.

We give thanks today for the generous spirits and pockets of our financial supporters – knowing that all in our community have and will continue to give as they are able

As we move forward, first by breaking ground with small, gold-painted shovels
Then with heavy equipment, may we be awed by our human capacity to create, grateful for the space we promise to use with dignity and purpose.

As we watch this expansion of our building come into reality, may we never lose sight of our mission to inspire, act and care for each other and for the wider
community in which we live.

Spirit of Life and Love, as we move through these next days, weeks and months,
May we look with gratitude on the progress of our expansion project. And, if it may be so, good weather to allow completion in a timely manner would be much appreciated.

May we every day give thanks for those who have given of us the foundation to make this day happen

And let us promise today and every day to use the blessings of our lives to support equality, justice, peace and compassion in our world.

Amen. So May It Be.

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