First Unitarian Universalist Church hosts Quilt Show Reception

The First Unitarian Universalist Church of Indiana, located at 285 Twolick Drive, hosted a reception for their annual quilt show in its sanctuary. The show entitled, “The Warmth of Community, is made up of finely crafted historic and contemporary quilts. These locally owned and hand-crafted quilts represent many aspects of living. The following quilts were on display: “My Grandmother’s Handkerchiefs”, Deborah Wright; “Nice and Naughty”, Mimi Greene; “Merry Christmas 2016”, Angie Anderson and Plumcreek Country Stitchers Quilt Guild; “First UU Community”, Mary Koval; “The Eisenhower School Governors Quilt”, Historical and Genealogical Society of Indiana County; “Housewarming” and “Doves of Peace”, Elaine McQuillin; “Merry-Go-Round”, “Just Wanted Lunch”, and “Cats Are the Stars”, Barbara Culp; and “Night Sky” and “Yellow Duck”, Laurel B. Diznoff;
Shown in front of “Merry Christmas 2016” are Lois Young, First UU Arts and Atheistic Co-Chair; Faye Bradwick, First UU Board of Trustees President; and Sid Reger, First UU quilt show coordinator.

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