First UU church honors its original building members


On Sunday, October 2, the First Unitarian Universalist Church honored the
over fifty “Original Builders” who together worked to establish the church
at 285 Twolick Drive, Indiana. Special speakers for the group were Lori
Rittle and George Bieger. Sara Steelman acted as Worship Associate with
Rev. Joan Sabatino conducting the Order of Service. To honor this group,
special music was performed by Matt Baumer and Jane Potter Baumer.
During the service, the “Original Builders” were honored and shared stories
of building the church more than 20 years ago. Each generation has built on
this original brick and mortar structure as well as services, programming,
and events. The church’s growth is now presenting the challenge to accept
the reality of expanding the original church structure. The current
congregation understands that without the strong belief and dedication by
this group, the Unitarian Universalist liberal religious presence would not
exist to serve the Greater Indiana County community.

Those honored at the service were Faye Bradwick, Ilse Hilliard, Kay Snyder,
Tom Nowak, George Bieger, Sara Steelman, Barbara Howe, Bob Rittle, Lori
Rittle, Philip Rivers, and Gordon Thornton.

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