First UU Religious Exploration Students Jedi Train During The Summer


The First Unitarian Universalist Church (First UU) Religious Exploration (RE) students mastered Jedi skills over the course of the summer. Our little First UU students or Padawans learned to master Jedi skills from our Jedi Masters A Padwan is a learner or a Jedi in Training. A Jedi is trained to guard peace and justice in the universe. Jedi Masters are ones who have attained mastery of the FORCE. The FORCE in the First UU Jedi training represented the Spirit of Love and Mystery, which some people call God. Through the First UU Jedi Training the children learned how to live out the Unitarian Universalist Promises in their daily lives while learning skills in sewing, carpentry, meditation, music, and Tai Chi. At the end of the First UU Jedi Program the Padawans did an obstacle course where they had to master the Jedi skills they learned throughout the summer. In this photo, the Padawans are demonstrating their skill of sewing as they finish up the obstacle course to move on to become a Jedi.

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